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NEW! Self-Guided Learning Series

Designed for self-guided learning, this free program includes a 5-part instructional video series that provides an introductory exploration of Natural Curiosity’s four-branch environmental inquiry framework, deepened by Indigenous perspectives.

Natural Curiosity: The Four Branches & Indigenous Lenses

The first video of the 5-part instructional video series provides an overview of the Natural Curiosity pedagogy, developed at the Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study Laboratory School, OISE-University of Toronto. It references the leading resource, Natural Curiosity 2nd Edition, alongside its authors and leading practitioners to define environmental inquiry, and how it relates to Indigenous perspectives.

Educators are invited to explore the video resources independently, or as a group to launch a collaborative inquiry or book study. Scroll below to learn more and register for the free program!

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1 hour

(five modules)

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virtual, self-guided

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Thank you for a wonderful webinar. I fell in love with Natural Curiosity in my final years of teaching. I worked hard to instil in my students to learn about our outdoor space by playing in it , learning from it and giving back to it! Thank you for bringing this Resource back to my teaching as I now will bring this pedagogy to teach teachers.


What an inspirational and thought provoking series. I think I really liked the part in series 3 Integrated learning-the flow of knowledge- about how to invite the knowledge keepers into our classrooms and being respectful and asking questions and asking to be corrected and really listening to our guests. To make sure that we are open to the process of gaining new ways of knowing, rather than having a set agenda be ready to learn ourselves take the journey with our students together, I think really helps that idea and practices of reciprocal relationships.


We should all be so lucky to be able to teach and learn in such contexts. It’s like pedagogy just got real when we allowed ourselves permission to start with what is in our hearts. Natural Curiosity describes a framework for inquiry that should underpin the education of every student and teacher in Ontario no matter their grade level.

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This video series was made possible through the generous support of the Rainy River District School Board.

Chi-miigwetch for your continued reciprocal partnership.

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