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Spring 4-Part Professional Learning Series

Currently at capacity. Join our waitlist.

Natural Curiosity is happy to launch this new virtual learning series, adapted from our online coaching program to a condensed and less expensive format to better accommodate educators this spring.  This online professional learning space is designed for educators who wish to deepen their own inquiry into the ecology of natural curiosity - growing a learning environment where educators and students experience themselves in relationship with the Land and each other in community.  

Educators will explore the four-branch pedagogical framework of environmental inquiry and the associated Indigenous lenses, that present tangible entry points towards a reciprocal relationship with the Land participating as co-teacher.  The workshops will be facilitated by Haley Higdon, Natural Curiosity's Program Director.


This program has a flat fee of $220.

This program is currently at capacity.  Click here to join our waitlist.

Green grass in the sun by Aniket Bhattacharya
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