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Impact Report

Prepared for TD Friends of the Environment

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With generous support from the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation, Natural Curiosity and Green Teacher facilitated a 4-part, climate-focused virtual professional learning series in the fall of 2021.  Over the course of four months, 24 dedicated educators came together to deepen their understanding of Natural Curiosity's four-branch framework of environmental inquiry and the associated Indigenous lenses, that present tangible entry points towards a reciprocal relationship with the Land participating as a co-teacher. As a community, they explored ways to apply this innovative teaching framework to a solutions-focused approach to climate change education, that leaves students both informed and empowered about the challenges and opportunities of climate change.

The below report outlines the impact that educators experienced throughout their participation in the series, which has enriched their practice for the benefit of thousands of students they serve across Turtle Island (North America). This important work would not have been possible without the generous support and commitment of TD FEF to advancing environmental and Indigenous learning as a solution to climate change. Thank you, chi-miigwetch.



It was life changing to find this group, and to have the readings, discussions and reflections we had. You guys walk the talk, and helped me feel less alone in the world.


 I develop programs for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth and this series helped me go deeper in my understandings of how to approach climate change.


This workshop series helped me refine and more deftly incorporate Indigenous perspectives into my teaching practice.

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