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Inquiry Videos

Dr. David Suzuki Fellowship Week– Thoughts on Inquiry

Kate Jeffery and Lisa Fisk were the award winners of the Dr. David Suzuki Fellowship Award 2011. They spent a week observing Inquiry in a variety of settings – both inside the Laboratory School and at public schools across the Greater Toronto Region. This video is them talking about their experiences.

The Gravity Experience

Classroom Tour: Inquiry-based Kindergarten, Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy

Inquiry Institute in Asunción, Paraguay

This summer Haley Higdon, the Program Lead for Natural Curiosity and Chriss Bogert, the Vice Principal at the Laboratory School were invited to visit Colegio Aletheia in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Colegio del Sol in Asunción, Paraguay. They led workshops at both schools and facilitated a two-day Inquiry Institute for educators from schools across Asunción. These events were supported by Centro Paraguaya de Studio Canadienses and Red Solar.

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