Group Coaching

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Natural Curiosity is excited to launch a pilot program for small group coaching sessions! This online professional learning space is for educators who are seeking to deepen their NC teaching practice in a safe and collegial environment.

A small group (between 12 -15 participants) will meet for 2 hours, 10 times per academic year for open conversation, knowledge building, and friendship. Each group will be facilitated by an experienced NC educator and an NC team member, who will create a safe online space for unpacking the Natural Curiosity approach to environmental education, sharing strategies, stories, and problem-solving together. 


This program has a flat fee of $440.

If you are interested in small group online coaching, please complete this form. We will add your name and email to the interest list for future online coaching sessions focused on your grade level.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and interest in this new professional learning opportunity!

A group of adults talking and smiling to each other in a professional gathering