Recovery, Reflection, & Reciprocity Series

Instagram Live Edition!

On Saturday, October 16th @ 11:30 AM, our second Recovery, Reflection, & Reciprocity webinar will be happening on Instagram Live! We will be joined by Colin Harris, the founder and executive director of Take Me Outside, for a more casual and accessible learning experience about environmental education. 

Natural Curiosity Partners

Schools, School Boards, & Organizations

Natural Curiosity would not be what it is today without all of our relationships and partners across Turtle Island (North America).


Visit our new Partnerships page to learn more about our partners and explore some of the amazing work and content that they are creating.


Monthly Drop

October's edition of Making the Shift is out now! This month, Natural Curiosity is getting ready for Take Me Outside week. The newsletter showcased some resources and events to help you get outdoors and engage in Environmental Education and Indigenous perspectives this month and beyond.

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Natural Curiosity logo. Reads: Making the shift: a newsletter by Natural Curiosity.

Green Teacher featured our Program Director, Haley Higdon, in the latest episode of Talking with Green Teachers podcast. Check out the episode to hear Haley as she shares her insights about braiding Indigenous teachings into learning as well as educator stories that resonate strongly in today’s world.

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The Natural Curiosity team in an outdoor space