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2024 Educator Awards

Now Open!

Get ready to celebrate excellence in environmental education as the award period for Natural Curiosity Educator Awards is now open! Recognizing exceptional educators across Canada, both the Edward Burtynsky Award for Teaching Excellence in Environmental Education and the David Suzuki Fellowship Award, highlights innovative practices in environmental inquiry. 

Virtual Cree Language Course

Brought to you by Natural Curiosity and the Outdoor Learning Store

We invite you to join us for this introductory Nêhiyawêwin (Plains Cree language) course. This course is open to everyone  - both Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants who wish to learn and uplift language revitalization. The geographic regions this course would be most applicable to are Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and Montana. We know that Indigenous knowledge and perspectives are foundational to outdoor learning and learning from the Land, and learning the language of the local Land is a critical part of deepening knowledge and understanding.


Podcast with Claire Underwood

Check it out!

What does empathy look like in young children? How can we nurture it? When do we just need to step back and let children sort through the complexities of the natural world? Claire Underwood recently participated in a Community of Practice (CoP) centred on using a Two-Worlds Approach to develop an empathy model for young children. This work was rooted in Natural Curiosity's four-branch pedagogical framework for children's environmental inquiry informed by Indigenous perspectives. In this fascinating discussion, Claire shares the findings from the CoP as well as stories from educators who have implemented the empathy model. 

In this fascinating discussion Claire Underwood shares the findings from the Community of Practice guided by the Natural Curiosity text. Claire also shares stories from educators who have implemented the empathy model.

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