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Embracing the Shift: Finale

Registration Open!

We are excited to bring you a new webinar series, Embracing the Shift: Sharing Our Pandemic Stories of Connecting to Land and Children’s Natural Curiosity


 The fifth and final webinar in this series, Reconnecting with Aki, is taking place on Thursday, June 17th from 7:00 to 8:30 pm EDT.  

Now Accepting Submissions

Are you an educator or educator candidate with a deep commitment to environmental education? For the 12th year, Natural Curiosity is grateful to support you through our annual Burtynsky and Suzuki Awards for Teaching Excellence in Environmental Education.

Please submit your applications by Friday, May 14th, 2021. We look forward to hearing your stories!



Monthly Drop

This month's edition of Making the Shift is out now! This April, we are using this space to highlight Larissa Crawford, the #EECOM2021 Earth Day Keynote Speaker. Check out the newsletter to learn more about Larissa and many more resources and virtual professional learning opportunities for environmental and Indigenous education.

Awards for Teaching Excellence

NC June 17th Webinar
NC 2021 Awards Extended
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The Natural Curiosity team in an outdoor space