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Climate-Focused Professional Learning Series

Virtual Professional Learning Series

SIGN UP TODAY for Natural Curiosity and Green Teacher's Climate-Focused Professional Learning Series. This new professional learning offering is for educators and Indigenous youth who wish to deepen their own inquiry into the ecology of natural curiosity. 


We aim to grow a learning environment where educators and students experience themselves in relationship with the Land and each other in community — and how this pedagogical approach can be applied to climate change education.


Educators will explore the four-branch framework of environmental inquiry and the associated Indigenous lenses, that present tangible entry points towards a reciprocal relationship with the Land participating as a co-teacher.

Free Self-Guided Learning Program

5-Part Instructional Video Series

Over the summer, Natural Curiosity engaged our key authors and leading practitioners to develop a new, freely accessible professional learning program in support of environmental and Indigenous education across Turtle Island for all.


This 5-part instructional video series that provides an introductory exploration of Natural Curiosity’s four-branch environmental inquiry framework, deepened by Indigenous perspectives.


Monthly Drop

This November's edition of Making the Shift shares the story of Chris Dube, an educator at Lake Superior High School in Terrace Bay, Ontario, and the Grand Prize winner of Natural Curiosity's 2022 Edward Burtynsky Award. The newsletter also announces the Online Group Coaching program is now accepting registration for three coaching groups, commencing January 2023. The Space is limited!


Check out the newsletter today for information of Virtual EECOM Conference and 2023 Outdoor Learning Conference and more upcoming events!  


Doug Anderson and Julie Comay (authors of NC2!) had a lovely conversation on Earthy Chats hosted by our friends at Green Teacher Magazine, The Outdoor Learning Store, CBEENetwork, and Stoked on Science about exploring environmental inquiry with an Indigenous perspective.

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